Reweaving and Clothing Fabric Repair

Did you accidently snag, tear, or burn a cigarette hole in your expensive Armani suit or designer clothing? Did moths get to your tuxedo while it was hidden away in your closet? Don’t fret, many times we can save the day by a process known as reweaving and when done under an expert’s care their craftsmanship can often make the repair appear virtually invisible.

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Repair Clothes with Reweaving Process

There are three methods of repairing the area. In one, a small piece of fabric is taken from an inconspicuous area on the garment such as the hem, cuff or pocket and strands on the edges of that piece are woven into the surrounding fabric. This method is usually used for larger holes.

In smaller holes the French method is often done where individual threads are used to create a new piece of matching fabric to cover the damaged area.

Under high magnification, special latch needles are used to weave the frayed edges or end threads into the existing fabric stitch by stitch and then the back side is covered with a special patch that will help keep the area from coming undone.

In knit or double knit fabrics, stitches are re-knit into the fabric with strands taken from unseen parts of the garment.

Some fabrics are not suitable for reweaving such as fine silk, rayon, corduroy, velvet, velour and chiffon. Call or come in to discuss whether the fabric of your garment is capable of being rewoven.

Reweaving is often the most economical alternative considering the cost of replacing some garments. You can expect a wait time of about two weeks.

Do not go to just anyone…

Reweaving is an art and takes a lot of skill. Do not trust the rest; trust the best at Village East Cleaners. You will be amazed at the results!

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