Golf and Tennis Shoes Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning standards and quality workmanship vary, like other products you purchase. If you’re looking for a dry cleaner that is committed to excellence, then here we are!

Baby Car Seat Cleaning

Baby Car Seats Our shirt laundry service is first rate:

  • We can return your shirts on hangers or folded and boxed.
  • We replace broken or missing buttons at no charge.
  • We use butterfly boards to support the collars.
  • And we return your shirts without any marking tags left on them

Cleaning Tips:
• Remove gross matter with a baby wipe and pick off any substance that is removable without rubbing, scrubbing or using a cleaning solution.
• Wipe down harness. Using a soft cloth and cool water. Use a gentle soap. DO NOT ever place harness in the washing machine. Doing this effects, the tensile strength of the webbing. Putting them in the wash machine will pull all the stretch right out of the harness.
• Cleaning Buckle: Invert the buckle in a cup of water, keeping the webbing out of the water. Swishing it around will dislodge anything trapped in the mechanism.
• Sun and fresh air can help
• Rinse and Repeat
• Do Not use harsh soaps

Anything with a PH near neutral is probably gentle enough to use safely on a car seat harness. Good ones to use are Dawn Dish Soap, Johnson and Johnson Baby Wash and Dove Bar soap.

Golf and Tennis Shoe

Golf shoes typically are made from leather or a synthetic material which gets dirty easily.  It is important to clean as soon as possible after that round of golf to keep them looking like new.

Tennis Shoes:  Cleaning tennis shoes helps reduce odor and cleaning regularly prolongs their life.

Shirt Laundry

We offer Couture finish for all shirts:

Couture Finish – order this when you want your shirts to be100% hand-pressed. This is recommended for all your designer shirts as well as fine lightweight cotton and dark colored shirts. If you want an extremely soft shirt, it’s no problem. If you want extra starch on the collar, just say so. Such attention to detail is always provided with our Couture Finish.

Couture Services

When other dry cleaners in the Las Vegas area have a customer with a St. John Knit they send them to Village East Cleaners where they know it will be cleaned with expert care. So whether it is your St. John Knit, Versace, Armani or your Vera Wang gown, bring it to Village East Cleaners directly!

  • Couture brands are always processed individually, never with other clothing.
  • They have special tagging and are personally tracked through each step of the cleaning and finishing process.
  • You can request Couture Brand processing for any of your clothes or other items and you can be assured they will be 100% hand finished too.

We can also clean your expensive designer handbags by removing stains and restoring them to their original luster increasing their life span and we can apply waterproofing for you too.

Bring us your other accessories like scarves and we’ll return them to you like new.


Village East Cleaners has been providing quality cleaning for professional entertainers on the strip and theater companies in Las Vegas for many years. You can trust your costumes with Village East Cleaners.

Bring us your professional chorus line costume or your young daughter’s ballerina tutu and you can be assured Village East Cleaners and Alterations will process them with the expert care each item deserves.

Sequins, beads and crystals are not a problem for us and allow our work to shine which in-turn allows your costumes to shine.


We dry clean draperies of all styles and materials. Pleats, flat panels, sheers, silk or lined… we do them all. And we dry clean them onsite at our location.

For exact pricing on any style curtains or draperies, from a hotel to a motor home, just bring in a sample.


Today’s linens come in so many fabric blends and colors however, it can also lead to problems if they’re not cleaned and pressed properly. Let Village East Cleaners use their experience and expert staff to handle your linens the right way.


Heirloom tablecloths made of lace or embroidery and heirloom quilts generally do not come with written care instructions that’s why it’s important to have them professionally examined and evaluated for the proper cleaning process. You can be assured that no harsh chemicals will be used. Your heirloom garments will be individually soaked then starched if desired and hand pressed and placed on a hanger so they will not be damaged. We care about your family heirlooms and want them to last, just like you do.

Police, Fire, and Military Uniforms

We have a long history cleaning uniforms of all types so you can feel confident bringing them to us. We provide military creases in the trousers so you can look your best on the job.

In gratitude to our police and fire departments and those serving in our military, we offer a discounted price to clean your professional uniforms.

Suede and Leather

Village East Cleaners provides the highest standard of care cleaning your suede and leather garments. However, due to many unknown manufacturing processes with some garments (use of multiple skins, glues, dyes, etc.), we recommend to bring in your suede or leather garments for a professional evaluation.


Proper care of leather and suede begins at home. To get the maximum life from your garment:

  • Wear a scarf to protect the collar area from perspiration and body oils.
  • If the garment gets wet, let it air-dry away from heat.
  • Store in a cool, ventilated area. Leather can dry out if exposed to dry heat or mildew if stored in a hot, humid environment. Do not store leather in a plastic bag.
  • If staining occurs take the garment to a professional suede and leather cleaner as soon as possible. Do not try to remove spots at home.
  • Always have matching pieces cleaned at the same time.

When you bring your suede or leather garment to Village East Cleaners it is helpful if you can provide any care information that came with the garment. Be sure to point out any stains, since stains that are old and set cannot always be removed safely.

Although cleaning technologies for leather and suede are constantly improving, some changes will almost always result from the cleaning process, as these are animal skins.

Variations among the garment’s sections – leather garments are made from skins taken from various portions of the animal and usually from several different animals. The manufacturer tries to match the skins as uniformly as possible, but even the best matching may still show some variance in texture, weight, and color uniformity. These variances may be accentuated after cleaning.

Loss of color—be prepared for a slight variance in the depth of color after cleaning. Skins from various parts of the animal may have different colorfastness. Also, some leather dye may be soluble in dry cleaning fluid, resulting in overall color loss.


Tuxedos come in many styles and materials from wool to polyester and blends. These require different handling during the cleaning process. We clean hundreds of tuxedos each week. We know exactly how to clean and press your tuxedo, and make it look great.

And don’t forget your tuxedo shirt. You want your shirt to look as good as your tuxedo. From light starch to heavy starch, hand pressed collar and cuffs…we do it all… to exceed your expectations.

Vintage Clothing Restoration

In the same way we restore heirloom wedding gowns, using museum quality processes, we can often restore you vintage clothing to its heyday. Yellowing and browning can often be reversed and colors brightened. Repairs can be made by our expert seamstresses and tailors. Bring in your clothing for an expert appraisal.

Couture Handbags

Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton… You invested a considerable sum when you purchased your designer handbags so proper care is essential to protecting your investment and extending its life. If you attempt to clean grime and stains on your own, you run the risk of inadvertently damaging the bags surface or liner, for this reason most designers recommend professional cleaning and Village East Cleaners is here to serve you. We hand clean purses, wallets and handbags and can effectively remove most stains and often restore a bag to its original luster. We can also apply waterproofing agents to protect the bag after cleaning. Bring your purse in for a professional evaluation today.

Notes about Leather and Suede handbags:

Usually, the color of a cleaned leather or suede purse will vary somewhat from its original color. This is for two reasons: the colorfastness and depth of penetration of the dye and the type of leather used.

Although most couture manufacturers use colorfast dyes, no dye is completely colorfast. If a purse has dark and light areas, sometimes the dark dye will bleed into the light area. A few dyes are soluble in the dry cleaning solvent and it’s impossible to restore them to their original state. Some dyes such as blues, greens and pinks cannot be restored to their original hue because of oxidation or fading caused by sunlight but they can be re-tinted to regain some of their original luster.


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