Cleaning Tips

Candle Wax:

Lift wax with a dull knife. For remaining wax, place the cloth between paper towels and press with a warm iron. Replace paper towels as wax is absorbed.

Our Best Advice on Stains

  1. Blot the Spot! The first thing to do if you have spilled something on your clothing is to remove as much as possible of the spilled substance by blotting with absorbent towels. Paper towels are best, terry cloth towels are also effective, and linen napkins are better than nothing – but they are really not very absorbent. Most importantly, never rub. Rubbing a fabric can quickly cause damage to the color or texture of the rubbed area. Blot by pressing a towel onto the spill area. Holding another towel underneath while pressing on top is the most effective technique. Wash or dry clean (according to the care label) the garment as soon as possible to prevent the stain from becoming set.
  2. Don’t allow stains to set in! The sooner a stained garment is cleaned, the more likely the stains can be removed. Time and exposure to air, warmth, and light can physically change a stain and make it difficult or impossible to remove. Spills from colorless beverages containing sugar may disappear when dry, but re-appear when the garment is exposed to heat from sunlight or ironing. This is especially true with wedding gowns.
  3. Not all stains are created equal! The ease or difficulty with which a stain can be removed is not always obvious. Many oily stains such as butter, salad oil, etc. – which seem disastrous – are actually not difficult to remove in most cases. Other seemingly innocuous items such as fruit juices, coffee, or flower pollen can be a real challenge to even the most experienced cleaners. As always, your best defense against any stain is to have the garment cleaned as soon as possible.

Caring for Velvet

Velvet is soft, rich looking fabric, especially popular for holiday garments, such as dresses, blouses, and slacks. The best quality velvet has a deep pile and is made from cotton or a cotton/rayon blend. Acrylic is also used to make velvet, but it is less durable and the pile is easily damaged when moist.

All velvet is considered a special occasion fabric and has limited durability. Areas that show wear are the seat and the crease areas at the hips, knees, and elbows that may show pile distortion after limited use. Dry cleaning is the most gentle method of cleaning, and we have specialized equipment to help restore or mask wear.

Coat Care Basics

Never leave your coat in a car or car trunk on a hot day especially wool as it may shrink.

If your fur coat gets wet, shake it off and let it dry naturally.

Harsh winter elements, such as dirt, oily stains and salt must be gently removed from your coat. Our cleaning processes will help preserve your coats, assuring you years of enjoyment.

Oriental and Area Rug Care Tips

Proper care starts with good practices, such as removing your shoes and never eating or drinking over your area rug. Use wide coasters under the legs of furniture on it and turn your rug 180 degrees, once a year, to promote even wear. Try to keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading or use sheer drapes to diffuse the light. If the rug is on a hard surface then a good pad can double the life of the rug.

The next step is regular vacuuming. It is normal for new rugs to shed quite a bit so for the first year vacuum them at least once week to remove the excess fibers and fuzz. Do not use the beater brush except occasionally and even then, set it on its highest level just skimming the surface of the rug. Never use the beater brush on the fringe and it is advisable not to vacuum the fringe at all. It is best if you can vacuum both sides of the rug. Do not beat area rugs to remove dust and grit; all you will accomplish is weakening the backing material and loosening the fibers.

Act quickly to remove stains because you can most often prevent them from setting in. Do not rub spills under any circumstances, instead blot with a clean white towel and rinse with a small amount of plain water only. Start at the outside edge and blot inward to prevent the spill from spreading further. Do not use chemicals and detergents to clean area rugs, you can weaken the fibers. Do not use chlorine bleach to whiten the fringe; you will make it brittle. Consult with us for stubborn spots or for pet waste stains.

Bring your rugs to Village East Cleaners for regular professional cleanings every one to three years depending on foot traffic and your rugs should last a very long time.


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